Hello, I am J, currently living somewhere in Euro and I have a passion for electronics, Programming and 8-bit consoles. Curiosity and a desire to learn how computers work under the hood have lead me to learn programming at the lower levels, learning C at first then adventuring into whatever assembly language was required by the platform (z80, PIC18, x86) to make my projects work.

Programming and reasonable knowledge of electronic circuit design allows me try new things with old consoles, as a result many of the projects on this site are directly related to old-school 8-bit systems. Some of the projects combine programming, circuit design and a few ideas that “might just work.”

Other than Tech and Programming I enjoy traveling Europe without having much of a plan, which has lead me to some strange places while meeting the nicest of strangers.

What are my aptitudes?

I am an experienced C/C++ developer, starting back in 2010 when I started my first embedded projects for which C is the better language out there. Ever since then I’ve been working professionally with C/C++ one way or the other. Most of the projects I’ve been involved professionally are related to:

  • Embedded C/C++ software development
  • Porting software to/from multiple CPU architectures
  • Setting up CI/CD environments for multiple CPU architectures
  • Software development for real-time operating systems
  • Development of hardware drivers for embedded systems

As I participated on more and more embedded software projects, I began learning electronics design and fabrication skills as to allow me to develop and work on all the steps of an embedded electronics projects. Through work and personal project, I’ve acquired a reasonable proficiency in:

  • Electronic circuit design and production with KiCAD, Proteus and Altium Designer EDA solutions
  • FPGA development in Verilog HDL
  • Analysis and debugging of electronic circuits

For more high-level programming tasks like UI solutions, I regularly use the following frameworks and programming languages:

  • Python 3 for web solutions and for adding scripting capabilities to C/C++ projects
  • Qt framework for native GUI projects and faster C++ development

I have released to the public a number of hardware projects and software projects which showcase all of these aptitudes.

Why this place?

  • Sharing what I know, because someone might find it useful
  • A personal site now that I have something to showcase looks like a good idea
  • Having a server and not using it is a waste :P