Hello, I am J, I currently live somewhere in Spain and I have a few passions. Namely: Electronics, Programming and SEGA consoles. Curiosity and a desire to learn how computers work under the hood have lead me to learn programming at the lower levels, learning C at first then adventuring into whatever assembly language was required by the platform (z80, PIC18, x86) to make my projects work.

Programming and some knowledge of electronic circuit design allows me to make new things with old consoles, as a result many of the projects on this site are directly related to just that. Some of the projects combining programming, circuit design and a few ideas that “might just work.”

Other than Tech and Programming I enjoy traveling through Europe without much of a plan, which I’ve enjoyed very much while meeting the nicest strangest of people.

Why this place?

  • Sharing what I know, someone might find it useful.
  • A personal site now that I have something to showcase looks like a good idea.
  • Having a server and not using it is a waste :P