A program shall do one thing and just one thing. Tired of using a ton of different programs for XMODEM uploads that come with loads of other functionality, decided to do an utility that does just that. Upload a file through a serial port using XMODEM.

Download the Windows binaries here, now also available as AppImage for Linux. source code available at the git repository.

XMODEM upload window

A footnote on software bloat

This small utility, when packed with all the dependencies (Mainly Qt and the MinGW runtime) uses 60MB of space. 60MB for a single window single purpose program!!

To have a graphical representation of that, the following picture represents files and sizes with areas proportional to their size. Blue squares are DLLs (dependencies) while the single tiny red square is the executable, my code.


The largest offenders are:

Who? Size Why!?
opengl32sw 15MB Apparently we need to ship a full OpenGL implementation
Qt5Gui 9.4MB All of Qt UI without the widgets
Qt5Widgets 8.7MB All of the Qt Widgets
Qt5Core 8MB All of the core Qt functionality
Qt + deps total 60MB Yes, I know, Qt is bloated

In comparison, the executable is just 87K, or around three orders of magnitude less.