After having my Microsoft Surface stolen last year, and suffering the quite literal load of carrying my old laptop, I decided on getting something more convenient for watching Netflix or similar on the go without breaking my back.

The requirements for this replacement were, in order of importance, the following:

  • Cheap
  • Decent battery life
  • Lightweight

The laptop fitting this requirement was a Samsung Galaxy Book Go (LTE) which I could find for ~200€ on eBay from a seller in Germany so it would come with the minor annoyance of having a QWERTZ keyboard.


This laptop is nothing special specs wise, it has a modest 4GB RAM, a last-gen ARM core but for what I want, testing what an ARM laptop feels like in daily use this machine should do the job.

Part Spec
CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c (Kryo™ 468 Octa-core CPU, 2.55 GHz)
GPU Qualcomm Adreno
RAM 4 GB LPDDR4x Memory
Display 14.0” FHD LED Display, Anti-Glare
Storage 128 GB eUFS
Network 802.11ac (2x2) WiFi
  Bluetooth 5.1
  LTE modem
Ports 2 USB-C
  1 USB-A
  Audio jack
Battery 42.3 Wh
Charger 25W charger

First impressions

Note: These during the first 5 days of using the laptop

First run

After setting up the OS to be in a language I understand and a familiar keyboard layout, the experience feels just like any other windows, with the only caveat out of the box being that some programs feel slow at load but, once started they do feel responsive. Using Microsoft Edge as the browser keeps the memory usage low, which for the puny 4GB of RAM on board its a plus.

Look & feel

The machine itself feels all around OK, with the exception of the keyboard that feels incredibly cheap, and the right mouse button being placed way too much towards the middle of the touch pad. Apparently it uses a single tactile switch, placed way on the left hand side, as the only physical button. Better get used to do the 2 finger tap for all your right clicking needs.

Battery & Power

In my opinion the selling point for these kind of machines. I went for 3 days of on and off usage without once having to charge the laptop or turn it off for carrying it from one place to another. The power consumption is so low it doesn’t need fans which, in turn, allows me to just close the lid, put it in my backpack, and leave. No risk of the machine overheating.

First issues

I noticed a minor annoyance while running .net applications like KeePass, where they would take their time to load, sometimes up to 10 times slower than on my least powerful PC! I am unsure why this is or if it is a .net issue or an app specific issue.

Native app support for ARM

Many, many of the applications I use have a native ARM version of them and, when not available, the x64 version of it will perform well enough. There are some oddities like VLC, where the native ARM version is available but completely broken, so you would be better off installing the x64 version instead.


For an on the go browsing and media machine, this laptop does the job better than any other PC based Windows laptop. It will not be a hi performance productivity laptop but that wasn’t its purpose anyway.

TL;DR: I’m surprised this 200€ thing has been so functional.